Wraparound Families

Wraparound is a transformational approach to providing services to families in the child welfare and probation system. For more than 20 years in California, children, youth and families, have had the benefit of putting their strengths, goals and dreams front and center and receiving the support and tools necessary to achieve them. Today, youths like Victoria and Timariay, featured in the videos below, and professionals from across the state, continue to use Wraparound to empower their lives and their communities.


In this video, two young people and the family and professionals who supported them throughout this process share their stories about how Wraparound transformed their experience in the child welfare and probation systems into an opportunity for personal achievements, reunification and growth.


In this video, California Child Welfare and Probation Experts discuss the importance of Wraparound and ensuring its implementation as an innovative, family focused, strengths-based philosophy that strengthens communities, helps children, youth and families stay together, and empowers them to face challenges by providing the resources they need to succeed.

"If you got the choice, and the judge says you can go to camp, or you can work with the Wraparound program, I highly recommend you join the program."

Timariay - Wraparound Client

"You can't get any better than to hear a judge in probation cases validate us and to have attorneys validate us. They know the results of our work."

Amirah - Wraparound Facilitator

"Don't be afraid to ask for support and help. You know, we're not here to judge you. As a Wrap team, we're gonna meet you wherever you're at, and we're gonna help you along the way."

Lawrence, Community Liaison

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Produced with support from Casey Family Programs, in partnership with the California Department of Social Services